My Vital Lies and Simple Truths

Written 2/22/2013

One of the books I’ve read in my 4 years hiatus has been Vital Lies, Simple Truths by Daniel Goldman. Which came out in the in 1985, A couple years after I was born.

Something I’ve felt recently is that I’m standing in the way of my own success. I don’t mean that in a self help guru type of way, but in the sense that my stumbling blocks are mostly in my own mind.

I went from being a full time employee, making a fair salary, working in my field of study in my hometown, to being just another statistic. The byproduct of a boomerang generation. Living with family at 29 years of age.

The vital lies that I tell myself is that it’s the economy and a million people are unemployed (literally a million). I know deep down that I’m better than this, that my best self is lurking underneath the surface.

*Update 1 year later*
I’m breaking down barriers and not letting anything limit me.


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