A Timeline of Mine

Flashback. It’s 1989 and the cafeteria is buzzing with children doing arts and crafts. The after school counselor is demonstrating his drawing skills to a select few who are close enough to see. There it was, the almighty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The seed was planted and my interest in drawing, and later art, had begun.

5th grade art class provided one of my first creative influences. Learning about Salvador Dali and Surrealism was like eye opening. His artwork and his interpretation of the world expressed on canvas. A the the ripe old age of 10, I knew that I wanted work in an artistic/creative field.

’97 – ’01: In art class freshmen year,  I’d worked on some really neat projects, none of which held on to. Junior & Senior year I delve into art again. This time able to retain my pieces which lay in my collection today. Including 3 paintings and completely filled up sketchbook.

2003 provided a new chapter for me when I started business school. My social value rose from having my image in every classroom, as well as a school TV commercial that I’d done. Being a student lab tech for the graphic design department didn’t hurt either.

By 2005 I’d landed my first real job out of school. The differences of real-world design vs. creative college design set in. I also learned what clients to avoid.

Flash forward to summer 2012. I’m in Washington DC, the nation’s capitol, the grandaddy of ’em all. I start an internship and receive Jedi Knight training in print design. My skills evolve as I become more conscientious. Quickly developing a keen eye, not just for details but for errors too.

It’s spring 2013 and I’m ready to start a new chapter.



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