I’m Still Standing Baby!

Regaining confidence from letting go of shame

Its amazing how freeing how life can be when you let go of shame. The feeling of invincibility that races through your heart when your life is no longer blanketed by fear.

I was in a fugue state for years having forgotten who I really was. Allowing the status “unemployed” be define me. A strong social anxiety developed within me stemming from the shame I felt for not having gotten my life together.

 I’ll openly admit that I am 30 and living in my mom’s home. I have struggled for 5 years to land a job. These things don’t define me, they are simply my current circumstances.

 I Finally Accepted That I Had Hit Rock Bottom

 I’ve gained an unstoppable confidence from letting go of shame. I finally accepted that I’d hit rock bottom, and survived what most people are terrified of. Like Diamond Dallas Page (one of my favorite Pro Wrestlers) used to say, “I’m Still Standing!”

(Originally Published at Medium | https://medium.com/p/db9bae1baf44 )



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